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Flexible Customization

You can avail personalised financial guidance and plans for your requirements according to convenience and interest.

Only the Best

Our team of dedicated experts will put you through the best of policies available and sketch out the best financial guidance plans there can be.

Experts in Insurance Claims

Our insurance experts have a vast experience of close to 2 decades with innumerable amount of successful insurance claims.

Mission Statement

To Give Real Service, You Must Add Something, Which Cannot Be Bought or Measured With Money-Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya

Financial Pyramid

A Pyramid is the most stable structure in the world. The Pyramid is always constructed bottom up. There are 5 Stages in a Financial Pyramid

Financial Pyramid


This level of the financial pyramid is referred to the financial instruments or protects that secure your income. These products are aimed at protecting us and our capability of generating an income through various products like Critical Illness Insurance, Disability Insurance and Life Insurance.

Risk Free Growth

This level of the financial pyramid is referred to the safeguarding the money we have saved for the future with different plans and dreams. The products that ensure the safety of our money are aimed at maintaining a stable lifestyle and smooth running of the policy holder’s family or business during troubled times. Government bills, life insurance endowment type of policies which offer a savings element, Post Office savings schemes and Bank Term deposits are few products that are employed under this layer.

Growth with Risk

This level of the financial pyramid is referred to the products that are aimed at a higher yield than other financial products but also carry an element of risk on the investment since the profit margin is big. The products that fall under this layer are ULIPs, MFs, Equities, Currencies, Commodities and Metals.


This layer of the financial pyramid is referred to those financial products that will need the investor to put in huge amounts as investment. These financial products also carry risk on the investment as it promises high profit and high yield on the capital investment, thus guaranteeing the investor’s growth. Real estate and Venture Capital investments fall under this layer of the financial pyramid.


In layman’s terms, speculation means ‘thinking’. Since the prices of various financial instruments keep changing, people thinking about these price variations and taking a decision to either buy or sell at a particular time, is called speculation. Derivative, F&O and Swaps fall under this layer of the financial pyramid.

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