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Privacy Policy

  • Make yourself at home and get to know about the best of services we have to offer in this website.
  • Feel free to bring to our notice, your queries and questions about protection of your privacy in this website
  • Please be informed that by using our website, you, the patrons are consenting to share information with us.
  • Patrons can be assured of their privacy when they share data with us.

We are bound to ask you to share information with us in standard user logs through our web server. This includes specifications that help us identify the computer using ‘cookies’, sent to our patrons’ web browsers from

  • An IP address, which is a unique identification assigned to each computer.
  • A web server and which is also stored on a hard drive in your computer.
  • The details/specifications of your computer.
  • The domain service, which patrons use to contact us for assistance/service.
  • Details of the web browser being used.
  • Name.
  • Age & Gender
  • Educational qualification, Occupation & Nationality.
  • Address with PIN code.
  • Official E-Mail id which will be used for further communication.
  • Financial details like income and insurance details if there is any existing.
  • Feedback/opinion about ease of using the features on this website.
  • We collect personal information of our patrons only as part of a registration process which is absolutely voluntary is initiated from the patron’s end.
  • We collect anonymous information of our website traffic whenever you visit our site.
  • Anonymous traffic information is also collected by our advertisers using the cookies they independently own.
  • We also have various online services lined up in out website for you to avail the services. Patrons are expected to be informed that the information disclosed in these areas is considered public information. The proprietors of this website have no jurisdiction over the use of information disclosed in the above-mentioned fields. Patrons are informed to be cautioned when they share information.
  • This website also has links to other external websites, and Taru Financial Services will not vouch for the privacy policy of those websites.

  • Helping us provide our patrons with the best personalised policies and services
  • Keeping in touch with out patrons when and where it is necessary
  • Making it easier for our patrons by transforming this website into a more user-friendly interface

  • Channelizing our efforts to you directly to improve client-customer relation
  • Product improvement
  • Contacting our patrons as survey participants/respondents
  • Sending you promotional material
  • Notifying about existing policies, services and if the patron wins any contest

  • Administering our website for better experience
  • Making sure you are not disturbed by irrelevant or repeated ad posts
  • Keep your profile updated in order to make it easier for us to personalise your policies and services with more accuracy and efficiency
  • Recognising our patrons’ special access privileges in our website
  • Tracking our patrons’ sessions to understand their needs and expectations and ease the process of moving around the website
  • Helping us diagnose issues/problems with our server as part of our maintenance drive to ensure uninterrupted service and help

Personal identification information will not be shared or disclosed to third parties unless any of the following conditions prevail

  • We have the authorised permission from our patrons to do so.
  • Certain cases where information needs to be disclosed.
  • Critical circumstances like when legal authorities demand information for compliance.

Our patrons’ financial information will not be used in any case, other than to serve them with what they want with personalised policies and services.

Viewing our website does not necessarily subject a patron to register themselves by providing information. That part is effective when the patron is interested in contacting us for one of our services. Apart from this condition, sharing of personal information with us is completely voluntary.

Patrons can cancel their registration as and when they feel fit but requesting us to so do so. This also means that the personal information of that particular patron will be removed from the database effectively. Using of patrons’ personal information for other commercial reasons will only be done after notifying them during the registration process, there by giving them a chance to opt out of sharing information to third parties.

Many layers of electronic and managerial fool-proof security systems are put in position to avoid or completely nullify the chances of your information being accessed illegally and misused. The personal information that our patrons entrust us with will be accessible only to certain authorised personnel of the firm.

Although the firm vouches for the safety of personal information of our patrons available with us, it does not take responsibility for the information provided through Internet transmissions. Patrons, by viewing the website or using it, agree to not hold the firm responsible for disclosure of information due to errors in transmissions and unauthorised access by malicious third parties.